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As we are the best solar systems company in Zimbabwe,we are here to take care of you every step from purchase to monitoring of your solar system . Our specialist solar system  design engineers will guide you through the whole  solar project.

Say goodbye to load shedding at home through reliable and durable solar systems installations......

There are big benefits from investing in solar syetems, for businesses

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality solar equipment & installation

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About Quality Solar




+263 719 850 364

Quality Solar is  the leading Solar Systems Solutions Company based in Harare,Zimbabwe . We focus on providing the best and durable solar equipment that include Solar Panels,Inverters,Batteries,solar cables and solar geysers.We also do solar systems  installations  around Zimbabwe.

We deal with the best solar bands which include Canadian Solar,Phocos,Luminous,Mecer,Microtek,Growatt, and many more 

“We provide the best solar equipment from Solar Panels, Inverters,Batteries,Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS),Solar Geysers and other installation  accessories.”