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GO Green with Quality Solar!

Quality Solar is  the leading Renewable Energy Solutions Company based in Harare,Zimbabwe . We focus on providing the best and durable solar equipment that include Solar Panels,Inverters,Batteries,solar cables and solar geysers.We also do solar  installations  around Zimbabwe.

Ready to GO Solar ?

We are here to take care of you every step from purchase to monitoring of your solar system after installation. Our specialist solar design engineers will guide you through the solar project through the following process;
  •  Site Visit We visit  and evaluate your  power usage requirements, make a professional recommendation on a suitable  solar system that meets the your energy needs. We will look for every possible energy saving measures as well that will reduce your electricity bill.
  • Solar Design: Most of the solar systems are standard , however  in some cases customized systems will be required depending on situations such as; shading from surrounding trees, multiple roof facing and weather conditions.This would also help us to detemine the type of solar panels required.   
  • Quotation: We will provide you a quotation with the pricing of the solar system through email or hand post.
  • Installation: After your approval of the quotation our highly trained team of technicians will install your solar system.
  •  Monitoring : We at Quality Solar value our clients after installation of solar systems.After commissioning, we monitor the performance of the solar system

Solar Equipment sales

We provide the best solar equipment from Monocrystalline,Polycrystalline  Panels,Hybrid Inverters, Lithium Batteries, Gel Batteries,Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS),Solar Geysers and other installation  accessories.

Quality and Durable Equipment

At Quality Solar we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality solar equipment & installation practices. We have a wide rage of equipment from reputable brands such as;

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Our Best Selling Products

green energy

Solar Panels

We at Quality Solar have wide range of solar panel brands which include Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar, & Sun Power


We have a variety of the best brands of Inverters in the market brands that we have include Growatt,Meccer, Sunpal and many more


Our wide range of batteries include Lithium & gel batteries the brands we have include Sunpal, Trojan and many more

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Featured Brands:
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